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23 August 2013
Do you Want a Clean and Organized Home? Follow our Tips Then
Do you Want a Clean and Organized Home? Follow our Tips Then

How many times have you been in a room and you found some objects in places where they weren`t supposed to be? Has it ever happen to you to look for something in your kitchen or bedroom and can`t find what you needed? Sometimes, because people lack time and energy, their homes become a mess, and the more time they wait, the worse it gets. Clutter everywhere, dust and things left around the house will become more and more disturbing if you don’t do something about that. And the only thing you could do is to organize and clean every room in the house. You can either ask the loved ones for help or do it by yourself. And if you don’t know how to do it or where to start from then you should read the following tips which will help you organize your home from top to bottom.

1.    Organize and clean your kitchen: This is not as difficult as it seems, especially if you make a plan before starting. And in the end, a plan is not even that necessary, the kitchen being the easiest room to be organized. Just start by de-cluttering it and washing the dishes. You can either wash them in the sink or put them in a dishwasher. The next step is to wipe all the surfaces in the kitchen and sanitize as many as you can (if the fabric allows you): the counters, table, chairs and other kitchen appliances. You are almost done know, all that`s left to do is to mop the floor and clean the windows.

2.    Organize and clean the living areas: As with the kitchen, you will first de-clutter the room. Everything that you don’t need, you can give to charity shops or organize a garage sale. Also, don’t forget to recycle the plastics, papers, etc. Then remove everything you have on the shelves, tables and other surfaces so you can dust the objects and polish the surfaces. If you have carpets on the floors, just vacuum them. If you have hardwood floors, a moping should be enough. Also, don’t forget to wash the draperies and clean the windows as well. This way, next time when you`ll have to clean the room it will be easier.

3.     Organize and clean the bathroom: As you probably guessed, you will start de-cluttering this room first as well. Youprobably don’t have much clutter anyway, but it`s best to do this first because it will ease the cleaning process. Then you can start cleaning and sanitizing the tub or the shower by spraying cleaner and leaving it for a moment. Don’t forget to scrub with a sponge and rinse it. Next, pour some sanitizer in the toilet and let sit while you clean the rest of it. After a few minutes use the bowl brush to clean the toilet on the inside and then flush the water. The sink must be also cleaned and sanitized and the surfaces dusted and wiped. Don’t forget to mop the floor at the end.

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