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17 August 2013
Keeping your New Carpet in the Best Condition
Keeping your New Carpet in the Best Condition

If you’ve just installed a new carpet into your home then you’re going to want to keep it looking its best. The upkeep of your new carpet could potentially be expensive, so be prepared for the costs of deep-cleaning and stain prevention. However, if your recent renovations have drained your funds, don’t worry too much. There are plenty of more cost-effective ways to keep your floors looking as good as new.

1)    If you live with pets or young children, you might want to consider purchasing a rug. A rug will pick up dirt and grime that might otherwise become trapped in the fibres of your carpet. Any damage caused by pets or kids can be expensive to repair, but a rug will minimise the likelihood of your carpet becoming damaged or tarnished – and a rug can be cleaned or replace much more easily and cheaply!

2)    When it comes to picking a stain remover for your carpet it’s important to do your research. Explore what chemicals will and won’t work for the fibres in your carpet (for example, a shag carpet is going to require a different product to your standard stain remover). Go off of customer reviews if possible, and make sure you consider the colouring of your carpet, as some chemical-based stain removers are more or less effective on darker or lighter carpets. You might want to get some advice from the place where you bought your carpet, as they will be likely to recommend the best products for your choice. Always test out any chemicals on an inconspicuous area of your carpet to make sure there’s going be to no damage.

3)    Steam cleaners are a great and effective way to keep your carpet looking its best. Steam cleaners are quick and easy to use and they kill both bacteria and odours. They can also help with stain removals. Consider the surface area of your carpet – you can buy a steam cleaner with a tank or an upright one. Upright steam cleaners are better for larger areas of carpet, but tanks are more versatile. Think about what you’re looking for from a steam cleaner before investing. If money’s an issue then you might want to think about renting steam-cleaning equipment on a regular basis, though be aware this could end up costing you more money in the long-term.

4)    Stains and spillages are going to happen, so make sure your cleaning cupboards are prepared for the worst. Clean cloths, a small bowl or bucket, a spray bottle of white vinegar and water or a spray bottle of lemon juice and water are all things you’re going to want in your carpet cleaning arsenal. Make sure to deal with any accidents as soon as they happen to minimise your chances of setting the stain. Never use hot water to scrub at a spill – hot water and scrubbing can make the stain worse. Instead opt for lukewarm water and use a blotting motion. This may take longer but will be more effective!

5)    Keep your hallways dirt and grime free by purchasing, regularly cleaning or replacing your doormats. Doormats will pick up the dirt that would otherwise stain or sully your floors, so they’re definitely worth the time, effort and money of their upkeep.

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