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The End of the Lease Doesn’t Mean the End of Responsibility

london end of lease cleanersIt might be tough to hear, but it’s true. When you signed a lease a year ago or two years ago or even six months ago, did you read it carefully? Were you aware that you would have to clean the place before you vacate it? Even if you were aware, it probably didn’t worry you at the time, as you were likely relieved and excited about finding your new flat. But now that lease has ended and there is still the end of lease cleaning to worry about. Even the cleanest of tenants is expected to perform a tenancy cleaning when he or she vacates the premises. You may think that your weekly ritual of mopping and dusting was enough, but you can be sure that when the movers come to load up all your furniture and cart away all the moving boxes, you’ll see why there is usually a need for tenancy cleaners.

If you’ve already noticed the lighter spots on the floor where the chest of drawers once stood or how clean the carpets and curtains look in the pictures of the place before you moved in, then you know how important it is that you have professional house cleaning London in to do the job, instead of trying to do it yourself. You could attempt the deep cleaning on your own, but why spend all the time and energy on something that we could do for you? And, if we may add, since we are professional London end of the lease cleaners, we can probably do it better anyway.

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Ring Call Now! to speak with a representative of End of Tenancy Cleaning London about anything related to cleaning services London. We can do it all for you at once, the carpet cleaning, the sofa cleaning, the floor cleaning, a deep cleaning – everything. Or hire us for an end of tenancy cleaning to be sure that all the most important spots are attended to. If a tenancy cleaning is stipulated in your lease, it is worth having the professionals in to do the post tenancy cleaning so that you don’t incur any fines or fees if the landlord isn’t happy with the job. Even if you are moving on a budget or moving back in with your parents after the end of the term, you can likely afford to have us out for an after tenancy cleaning London.

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post tenancy cleaning londonTo find out just how affordable our end of lease cleaning rates are, all you need to do is ring us on Call Now!. You can also send an email enquiry, and we’ll be sure to get back to you right away with an estimate of what the job will cost you. You won’t believe how quickly and cheaply you can have a deep cleaning done when you hire End of Tenancy Cleaning London. Depending in the size of your house or flat, you could have the tenancy cleaners in and out in just a couple of hours, leaving the rest of the day free for your to enjoy your last few hours in your old home.

Think, on the other hand, what the job would cost you in terms of time if you don’t hire after tenancy cleaning London. It could take you ALL DAY and even into the night to do the same job we can do in just half a day. For a few quid, our tenancy cleaning services in London are totally worth it, so go ahead and call now!