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End Your End of Tenancy Cleaning Worries

london cleaning companies So it’s the eleventh hour, that moment when you realize that your time to complete your home removal is running out. And everyone knows that a home removal isn’t complete until the old place has been thoroughly cleaned, as per the lease agreement. If this is not done to the specifications of the lease, you could be haunted by that old place even once you are settled in the new one. We don’t mean ghosts keeping you awake at night, we mean extra charges or fees that you weren’t counting on. The fines for leaving at the end of your tenancy without cleaning the place could be steep, so it is definitely worth looking into London end of tenancy cleaning services. You could save yourself a lot of time and money by staying one step ahead of the landlord.

End of Tenancy Cleaning London is the place to turn to if you are nearing the end of your tenancy and are in need of a house cleaning, flat cleaning, carpet cleaning or any other type of cleaning services. We can even do the pre tenancy cleaning for the new place before you move in, so you know that you won’t be moving in on top of some other family’s years of dust, dirt and odours. Professional home cleaning London is really the only way to go – it’s near impossible to get rid of layers of dirt that have gathered beneath the furniture if you aren’t equipped with the latest technology and the best products, as our cleaning crews are.

Effective and Competitively Prices End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London

end of tenancy cleaning LondonDepending on the size of your flat or house, we can send one cleaning technician or a whole team. Either way, the job will be done quickly and efficiently, freeing up your hands for something else, like all that packing you’ve been putting off to the last minute. Many of our customers even have us in twice – once for a deep cleaning before they begin packing and once after the moving van has been loaded up and everyone is ready to go. Believe us, this is not overkill. There are good reasons for the double-cleaning requests of some of our clients. Think about it: if you start packing everything before have your place cleaned, you’ll be taking a fair amount of dirt and dust with you in those moving boxes. The bed linens, the curtains, the throw rugs, the furniture (especially the upholstered furniture) are full of dust, even if you can’t see it. Unloading them into your new flat or house is like dumping a bag of dust before you even unpack your clothes.

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The second cleaning is what we call an end of tenancy cleaning, in which we will scrub every surface, cleaning from the floors to the fixtures so that your landlord will have no way to slapping you with a bill once your lease is up. Ring End of Tenancy Cleaning London on Call Now! to find out how we can be of service during this busy and stressful time. We are pretty sure that cleaning is not on the top of your list of priorities during a home removal, but we are certain that it’s necessary. Our low rates and wide range of end of tenancy cleaning services in London are guaranteed to leave you pleased as pie with the state of your house or flat. And when you want to ensure that you are moving into a clean and safe environment, the number’s the same – Call Now!!