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14 August 2013
9 Ways to KeepYour Whites White
9 Ways to KeepYour Whites White

We all know how difficult it is to keep your white clothes looking as-good-as-new. There are a multitude of supposedly “miracle” products on the market to help keep your whites looking white, but did you know there are many small changes you can make to your laundry habits that will have an effect? If you struggle to keep your clothes looking as fresh and crisp as possible then take a look at the small steps you can take to help get the most from your washing machine and laundry process.
1)    The secret to keeping colours from running is separation. Make sure you not only separate white and dark clothes, but even separate white and pale colours. This can stop colours from fading and keep your whites from looking dull or grey.
2)    It’s not only important to separate colours when doing your laundry. Try not to mix too many fabrics in your wash-load, as some fabrics don’t wash well together. Cotton and linen, acrylics and acetates, and wool washes should all be done separately.
3)    To deal with specific stains invest in a pre-treatment cleanser. Simply soak the stain in the cleanser before washing as normal. If you’d prefer a more budget-friendly alternative, try lightly buffing at a stain with lemon juice before washing as usual. You can use a toothbrush to do this. If the stain still remains after the wash is done, try and repeat the process. Stain-removing can be tiresome, but it’s worth it to keep your wardrobe looking its best!
4)    Give your whites a boost of freshness by using a colour-removing product when washing light clothes. This will help prevent your whites from looking grey or worn.  Make sure you double-check that the fabrics you are washing will not be damaged or further stained by the product! For a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly option, try adding half a cup of lemon juice to your wash-load to keep your whites looking their best.
5)    Another top tip to keep your white clothes white is to dry them outside. The ultraviolet rays of direct sunlight are great for lightening fabrics, so make the most of the summer weather and ditch your tumble-dryer in favour of the great outdoors.
6)    If you’re still struggling to keep a particular white shirt from looking tired and worn, it may be worth trying to bleach it. Make sure the bleach you use won’t damage the item of clothing – there are many types of clothes that are unsuitable for bleaching!
7)    Clean clothes can only come from clean appliances. Make sure to thoroughly clean out your washing machine at least once every three months. This will not only help to keep your clothes in the best condition possible, but it will also help the longevity of your washing machine.
8)    Hard water can result in less-than-sparkling whites. If you live in an area particularly affected by hard water then it’s worth adding a water-softener to your wash loads. This will help prevent your white clothes from getting grey and grubby around the edges.
9)    Try not to overload your washing machine. It’s tempting to get as much laundry out of the way as possible in each load, but you must make sure there’s enough room for the water and detergent to wash away dirt, rather than just cake it onto something else!