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       Exceptionally professional and polite. Came within the specified timeframe and completed the task. End of Tenancy Cleaning London is functioning perfectly. Cleaned the area afterward.    

       Wonderful as usual, I couldn't be happier with the service.    

       The fantastic service from End of Tenancy Cleaning London has us very pleased. It's that straightforward!    
Kendal M.10/06/2024

       The friendly team at the office make working with End of Tenancy Cleaning London a positive experience.    
D. Stevens22/05/2024

       Fantastic household sterilization.The cleaning service was prompt in notifying me of our appointment for meeting with the cleaner before they commenced their deep clean.    
Gary Sixto16/04/2024

       It's clear that they go above and beyond in ensuring the flat looks immaculate, which gives me confidence in a hassle-free deposit return process.    

       This company has won me over completely. My first encounter with them was just yesterday and it was a phenomenal experience. The team was beyond welcoming and impressively qualified.    
Anthony H.20/03/2024

       We were thoroughly impressed with the exceptional service provided by the bubbly cleaner who sorted out our carpet in no time.    
Rob Hurst01/03/2024

       These skilled professionals did a phenomenal job at delivering meticulous deep cleans on both properties while also managing to complete various unexpected tasks expertly.    
Hannah S.14/02/2024

       With End of Tenancy Cleaning London, I don't have to choose between saving money or getting quality service - I get both.    
Lorna M04/02/2024

       The level of professionalism displayed during both the end of tenancy clean and carpet cleaning surpassed all expectations, resulting in an immaculate job done.    
April K.25/01/2024

       The diligent follow-up and efficient response time from London End of Tenancy Cleaners make them a reliable choice for all your cleaning needs.    

       From start to finish, communication was smooth and prompt, making it a hassle-free experience for me.    
Fiona L.18/12/2023

       The service this business provides is extraordinary, I've never had a more pleasant experience with any other company!    
Wayne 01/12/2023

       Conscientiously scrubbed the locale, bringing it to pristine condition once more. Task finished in record time. Incredibly fast and problem-free.     
James Porter20/11/2023

       End of Tenancy Cleaning London and their end of tenancy cleaning teams made my property looked perfect in time for my move. I was worried about cleaning such a large house in such a short space of time, but the cleaners did it all for me and to an impeccably high standard - this is a company with experience and wonderful cleaners that I would use again!    
Sean M.14/10/2015

       I did not realise that the benefits of a clean home could be so comforting! I've tried to keep up with the cleaning, but I don't know, I suppose it's not a skill that I possess! End of Tenancy Cleaning London picked up where I left off though, and they were fantastic. There's nothing that I can complain about - the service was dependable, and all of the cleaning jobs were done to a very high standard. All of my expectations were exceeded, and when I say that it means that we're dealing with something special. A great service for a low price, that's all there is to say!    
Guy R.29/08/2014

       I had a number of rooms I needed cleaned in my house and each one was done, I would say, to perfection. The bedroom was dusted, polished and floors vacuumed as well as generally tidied and things like mirrors polished. The kitchen, the sink, cooker, fridge etc were all done as I would have liked and seem to be done in good time as well. Because so much done in such a short space of time I feel it's a credit to the company and I will certainly be using End of Tenancy Cleaning London again in the future. I have also heard good things about them from friends I have.    

       End of Tenancy Cleaning London were excellent when I recently hired them to spring clean my house. From the first contact with the office staff to the actual job the whole process went so well. The team of cleaners arrived on time, with a lot of products and tools and worked hard all day. The cleaners covered every minor detail such as inside the kitchen cupboards, light switches, wardrobe tops and floors. The completed job was marvelous and my house was left sparkling clean and shiny. It was certainly worth the money and I will be using these again in the not too distant future. I would recommend this company to anyone considering a house clean service.    
Flo Cook24/07/2014

       I've had so much more free time since I hired some professional cleaners to look after some of the work around the house. It makes such a difference over the course of a week and I have time to take the kids to the park, go and meet my friends for a drink or even just relax at home and enjoy some of my favourite shows on TV. Thanks to End of Tenancy Cleaning London I have not even had to fork out awful sums of money either, as when I called around potential cleaners their quote was by far the cheapest. Don't waste your time, book this company!    
John Wilson30/06/2014

       I am a self employed cleaner but one day I was called out to a house that had been burgled and completely trashed inside. I had to admit that the job was so big that I didn't know where to start. That was when I called in the experts, End of Tenancy Cleaning London as I knew that they were experts in the field of crime scene cleaning and restoration. It was a happy end to what had started as a miserable beginning. These great people took control and did the job in half the time that I could have. I even managed to make a bit of profit for myself.    
Leanne Fensome12/06/2014

       I was fed up with the cleaning at the end of the working week, so decided to hire some professional help. End of Tenancy Cleaning London were fantastic from my first call. The office staff helped sort a home cleaning deal at a price within my means. I booked a time and the workers arrived in smart work uniforms with all of their cleaning supplies. The work involved general cleaning duties such as dusting, polishing, scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming. They did a wonderful job throughout the house. My home looks so neat and immaculately clean and tidy. It is a pleasure to come home and not have to start again.    
Fern B.26/05/2014

       In reality, I am not the kind of person that writes about cleaning companies online. However, if someone does me a good job and a favor, then I need to pay them back. End of Tenancy Cleaning London are an amazing cleaning company, and they have been working for me for a while. They always go the extra mile, and their rates are low, which is why I feel so indebted to them, and am writing this now. Everyone should book them, because they are amazing, and you have no hassle with them which means no stress over the leaning what so ever!    
Steven Torres14/05/2014

       I am terrible with the house work! My mother would be terribly ashamed, but I have not a lot to worry about, as End of Tenancy Cleaning London are always on hand to help me out! I have been using them for a few months, and I am very happy to say that they have not put one foot wrong in all that time! Always punctual, always smiling, and always cheap! I am very happy with the staff, and I will carry on using them as long as thins continues, which I hope is for a long while yet, as I am not getting any better at cleaning!    
Alexander Boyd29/04/2014

       End of Tenancy Cleaning London definitely have the best reputation for a cleaning business in the area, and what I was really happy about is that they are a home grown, local business employing local professional cleaners. They earn their business by delivering great service over a number of years and a huge collection of happy customers. I have to say that I am now in that collection after these very experienced and hardworking cleaners left my home looking in fantastic shape for a party that I was hosting a few days later. A faultless service, I have held on to the business card.    
Matthew J.08/04/2014

       Getting our flat cleaned was always a pipe dream, at least in terms of professional cleaners. Still, when we both started working longer hours, then finding the time to get even a little bit of cleaning done started to become impossible. It was at this time that we turned to End of Tenancy Cleaning London and found out just how much of a difference hiring in the professionals could help. They made such a huge difference, and at such a low price, that when our schedules reverted back to normal we kept them on. A really great service at a really great price.    

       I happily recommend End of Tenancy Cleaning London to all out there who need a decent cleaning service, but may not have the budget to match. This lot really are excellent at what they do, whilst being very good value for money, which is rare in this day and age. Without wanting to sound to righteous, it is lovely to find a crew of people who are committed to giving a great service for a decent, honest and upfront price. I will be using them for the foreseeable future, and hope that others reading this will do as well!    
Lynda Owen05/03/2014

       I hired End of Tenancy Cleaning London for my routine office clean after hearing great reviews from a friend. I needed routine cleaning that was consistent and thorough. The team at End of Tenancy Cleaning London provided results! The cleaning staff come each day in the morning to ensure that my office looks clean and smells fresh when my employees arrive. A clean office makes for a more productive work day, so the cleaning staff really help me out. Their prices are affordable too! I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for affordable and routine office cleaning. Thanks for the consistently great service!    
Sofie F.18/02/2014

       Upholstery cleaning is one of those service you just never really think you need, until you have it done and it blows your mind. That is what happened to me; I was considering buying new sofas but I loved them so much that I thought I would get them cleaned, and gave End of Tenancy Cleaning London a call on recommendation from a friend. The quote was surprisingly affordable, and the staff that turned up at my door were really friendly. Results? Mind blowing. If you saw my sofas now you wouldn't believe I was considering taking them to the tip! What a great service.     
Janet Eastaugh30/01/2014

       I have no idea why it took me this long to hire professional cleaners! I was spending around ten hours a week tidying up after my family, scrubbing, cleaning and polishing, and I hate to think how much time I've spent doing this over the years! Since I hired End of Tenancy Cleaning London i have a lot more free time to spend with my family or even just relaxing. I couldn't be more grateful to the cleaners, who always do an amazing job and manage to get everything sparklingly clean every single time. A fantastic service that I can't rave about enough. Thank you!    
Joanne S.20/01/2014

       In the sense that your office is a place that represents your business to those who encounter it, I think it essential that you have the place cleaned once a day. End of Tenancy Cleaning London have been doing my office cleaning for a couple of months, and I feel that I am in a good position to say that they are fantastic. I have never seen a speck of dust since they started, neither have I had any issues with their punctuality or attendance. You will no doubt find that same goes for you if you hire them!    
Ruby Parker07/01/2014

       I always wanted to be one of those domestic goddesses but I just never really got into cleaning. My home was always a mess, and I was fast becoming the butt of my friends' jokes! I decided to put an end to it and so I gave End of Tenancy Cleaning London a ring to find out about their house cleaning services. As soon as I found out how cheap and experienced they were I jumped at the chance, and now my house isn't just tidy - it's immaculately clean! Everyone wants to know how I manage to get my home looking as great as it always does, and I can't thank you enough!    

       If you already have a cleaner, I would urge you to give End of Tenancy Cleaning London a go. If you don't have a cleaner, these guys will change your life! They carry out a whole host of cleaning tasks, and everything I have asked them to do thus far they have done superbly. I would particularly recommend the carpet cleaning service; I thought my hallway floor was beyond help after years of foot traffic but within a matter of hours it had been restored to its former glories and I was left delighted at not having to buy a new carpet!    
F. Ash04/12/2013

       Essentially, having to juggle a new born baby and the cleaning was not working out that way, and there was no way that I was hiring a nanny, so I decided to get a cleaner round a couple of times each month, to take the pressure off. It was a great move; End of Tenancy Cleaning London have been great so far, always on time and hard working. The girl that does my job regularly is nice and friendly, and the baby seems to like her whenever they come in to contact with each other, which is nice to see.    
Jane White24/11/2013

       I have always used a cleaner since starting to work after my kids got to school age. Having to work all day, pick them up and look after then meant that I rarely cleaned in the way that I needed to, and the house got a bit neglected. There is a bit of a stigma about using cleaners sometimes, but it makes total sense and once I got past the idea that it was a waste of money, I realized that they were totally invaluable! I use End of Tenancy Cleaning London and am sure that they would be excellent for anyone else who felt hard pushed to get their house cleaning done...    
Jane M.14/11/2013

       Another day, I'd have just given up and cried. Our house was burgled and while they didn't take much, they really messed it up. Like I said, I was close to tears. Thankfully, a friend of mine had recently been a customer of End of Tenancy Cleaning London and put us in touch. They were really understanding and came round and did all of the cleaning up for us. I'm not sure I could have faced it without them, but I'm really glad they were able to come round. Thanks again, not sure what we would have done if we didn't have you.    
L. Norris04/11/2013

       My work takes me round a lot of different homes, people welcome me in to help them out. Well, the other day I visited a house and just had to ask how they managed to keep it so clean. The owner broke down laughing and told me about End of Tenancy Cleaning London. I gave them a try myself and I can see why she was so happy. End of Tenancy Cleaning London provide a really great service at a really reasonable price, and I find myself passing on their name in conversations all the time. Thanks again, so happy I found you guys.    
Isabel Maher25/10/2013

       It's only been five weeks since the staff from End of Tenancy Cleaning London first came round, but there's such a difference in my house, it's unbelievable. I used to just push the hoover round and very occasionally mop. But you don't know what a difference a properly cleaned house can make in your life. These guys are real pros, and I'm so happy with the service. The best thing, for me, is the price. It's such better value than all the other companies out there, and my friends won't believe me when I tell them. It's been the cleanest month of my life, thanks guys.    
S. Harris15/10/2013

       Keeping my home clean is something I've always been proud of, but my life became busier over time and so I couldn't keep it at an acceptable level. I knew the answer was to call in some help. End of Tenancy Cleaning London were who I contacted and I'm glad I did. They have been able to keep my home tidy and neat without my intervention. They do all that is necessary so that there are no more stains, dust or dirt in any corner of my home. I may not clean my home myself anymore, but I am proud of it, because of their work.    
Margaret Simmons05/10/2013

       I had to make sure I got the most trustworthy and capable cleaning firm available when I need assistance with my cleaning chores and that is why I called End of Tenancy Cleaning London. Their team always work hard and provide the best result, making any home look its best. Their staff are helpful and eager to do what you need. They will give you a quote to ensure you get a good deal and see to ally our needs. When I was at work, they were at my house, seeing to every stain, bit of dirt and all my disarray, doing the best job you can get.    

       I enjoy crafts and making things for my hobby so I always have materials everywhere. This can create lots of mess, from bits and pieces or glue stains. I try to keep on top of the cleaning but when I am invested into a project, I tend to abandon it. I decided that I couldn't keep up an uneven balance so I called End of Tenancy Cleaning. they were able to handle all my cleaning as I went along, so my mess never became too much. I get to enjoy my hobby and a clean house, thanks to them.    
Darla A.15/09/2013

       I run a small shop and I am always surprised with how often things are knocked over and spilled, footprints build up, items are being lost among others and dust accumulates faster than I clean it. Managing the actual shop leaves little time for cleaning so I rang up End of Tenancy Cleaning knowing they could help. Every other day I have a visit from cleaner who will see to every inch of mess and make sure everything in front and behind the store is orderly. With their help, my store shop is running better than ever.    
J. Goggins05/09/2013

       Keeping a home tidy is no easy task, especially if you can't dedicate much time working on it. I have many hobbies, so combined with my job, I have little time for much else. Wanting my home to look its best I requested the help of End of Tenancy Cleaning London. They were able to send me a cleaner every week, who sees to everything from arranging things neatly, dusting, polishing, wiping and more. Whenever I return to my abode, I know it will be welcoming and relaxing, thanks to the hard work they put in.    
Imelda Swanson26/08/2013

       As time went by, my home became the enemy. I started to hate every bit of to the point I couldn't bear being there anymore. Every corner was full with dust, dirt and clutter and it sickened me. I didn't want to live like this anymore and wanted an abode that looked good and made me feel good. I knew I couldn't do this myself so I hired End of Tenancy Cleaning London. Their cleaning team were able to remove all the clutter, dirt and dust and give everything a polish so it looked like and became a place I could happily live in.    
Amanda Beckett25/08/2013

       I had recently started living on my own and I really wasn't used to it I had to learn a lot to get by and one of these things was domestic cleaning. I had never realised how much work I had to put in but I found myself completely lost. Hoping to get some guidance, I called End of Tenancy Cleaning London. Their operators taught me so much about what I had to do and what I needed and they have even sent around someone to help me every now and again. I never thought I could have such a clean home but I do hanks to them.    
Clarissa Lee24/08/2013

       I was about to move home when I dawned on me that I needed to clean up. I couldn't leave my old home dusty and dirty for its new owners so I dreaded the work now ahead of me. My move required many other tasks to be taken care of so I couldn't dedicate myself to getting this done. I called London End of Tenancy Cleaners in hope of some assistance and they did provided. Their staff where at my home the next day and gave every a good scrub. The house is looking better than ever, ready for its new occupants.    
Jim Sprocket23/08/2013