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12 September 2013
Top Tips for Dealing with Pet Hair, Dirt and Grime
Top Tips for Dealing with Pet Hair, Dirt and Grime

If you share your home with pets then it’s likely you’re always having to contend with unwanted smells, pet hair and a general build-up of grime and dirt. If you have pets and you struggle to keep your home as fresh and clean as you’d like it to be then have a look at this list of handy hints, tips and tricks for a cleaner home.
1)    Pet hair.
-    Lifting fur from your carpets.
If your pet shed its fur then it can become trapped in the fibres of your carpet, making it difficult for your floors to remain clean and fuzz-free. If this is a problem you have to contend with on a regular basis then try first using a broom on your carpet before you vacuum. This will help to lift trapped hairs making then much easier to vacuum up.
-    Pet hair products.
You can purchase products to help you fight the amount of pet hair left in your home from your local pet store. Magnetised brushes are a great and fast way to lift hairs from your carpet simply by brushing at them, but be aware that these can be quite costly.
-    Preventing shedding.
The best way to cut down on the amount of hair your pet sheds is to make sure they’re being correctly groomed and cared for. Your pet should be getting washed and brushed regularly, but speak to your vet if you feel your pet is losing too much hair, or to see what else can be done to prevent shedding.
2)    Odours.
If you share your home with pets then it’s important you work hard to keep any pet odours out of your home. Here are just a few things you can do to help get rid of unwanted smells.
-    Invest in a deodorising powder to use on your carpets before you vacuum. This is a great way to get your carpets smelling fresh. If you’re concerned about using chemical powders around your pets then try using bicarbonate of soda instead – simply sprinkle it down, leave for up to an hour and then vacuum it away.
-    Air fresheners.
Air fresheners can be a great solution for unwanted odours in your home. If you don’t already use them then try adding them to your cleaning arsenal to combat nasty pet smells. Try using a wet spray as opposed to a traditional aerosol can so as not to affect your pet’s breathing.
   Pet shampoo.
Make sure your pet is regularly washed and groomed to ensure they’re clean and fresh-smelling. Try a scented or a deodorising shampoo for the best results.
3)    Paw prints.
Your pets are bound to bring in dirt on their paws but luckily there are ways to stop this spreading around your home!
-    Buy a pet-friendly back doormat. Your standard doormat can be too harsh for your pets’ sensitive feet, so try a more pet-friendly version instead. When you pet comes in, take the time to wipe their feet on the mat a couple of time to get rid of excess dirt.
-    Keep an old towel near your door to dry off wet pets and clean their paws after they’ve been outside. This will help to cut-back on the amount of bacteria and dirt they might otherwise bring into your home!

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